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Why consider Artspace Housing Co-operative as a place to live? The top 3 answers:

1.Affordable housing - Members of the Co-op approve the budget. Our Articles of Incorporation state that our primary goal is to provide affordable housing.

2.Democratic control - We have an equal voice among members in decisions affecting our housing.  We have impact into the yearly budget as it pertains to housing charges, planned expenses and other items that come up. There are no hidden costs or money skimmed off for personal benefit.

3.Community - Co-operative housing provides a unique opportunity for people to build a community - sharing and assisting one another in ways that go beyond their housing needs. This could be a simple as a cheery conversation in the elevator, to having fun at one of the organized or impromptu social events. Community is built by the members that live here.

Are you interested in becoming a member?

[...We are pet friendly . See our Pet Policy!!]

Choose Artspace as a place to live, and a place to call home.  Check us out -------------------------------->

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