Artspace Housing Cooperative

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About Artspace

Glad you found our web site!!! We have so much that we want to share!!

Here is interesting information about Artspace, our home, our Co-op:

  • Located east of the downtown Edmonton core and just up the hill from the river valley/Riverdale

  • Our neighborhood has been named "The Quarters" by the City of Edmonton. It is expected to be a vibrant community with on-going growth.

  • 65 highrise units - 2 and 3 bedroom suites

  • 22 stacked townhouse units - 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom units

  • 27 units in the highrise and 2 units in the townhouses are designed for persons with disabilities (and many common spaces are accessible: parkade, laundry room, front and back doors, meeting room via internal route, garbage room, wheelchair wash bay). Highrise balconies and townhouse decks have low threshold entryways.

  • Surface and underground parking (under the highrise) 

  • Responsible pet owners are welcomed!! (ask about our Pet Policy)

  • Two meeting rooms (used for Co-op meetings, Co-op social events, and members can have private events such as birthday parties.)

  • Security cameras

  • We have an integrated community with children, adults, couples, singles, persons with disabilities, seniors, a variety of cultures.

  • Housing charges (a.k.a. rent) are based on operating costs. We work hard to keep costs down so we pay less than market rates. 

  • There is no landlord - members make, review, edit and approve the budget each year and that includes approving housing charges.

  • Members pay for power and phone. There is a core (bulk) cable package all members must pay. Members are not billed directly for water or gas as it is incorporated in the overall budget as a common cost.

  • Highrise has 8 washers (3 are front loading) and 8 dryers. Cost of the laundry machines (repairs, replacements, water, common power) is included in the maintenance budget.

  • Highrise is built out of concrete (better sound proofing) and has sprinklers. Also, there are two elevators.

  • There are raised garden beds and other garden spots available for members to use.

  • Some members currently have subsidies. The long-term continuation of subsidies will be dependent on federal housing decisions affecting housing co-ops across Canada.

One of the most important things is that members share in creating and maintaining a viable, affordable housing complex.