Artspace Housing Cooperative

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Complete application AND:

  •    Subsidy form if it applies to you (contact the office)

  •    Include the fee for credit check as of 2015 is $35

  •    Attach a COPY of the receipt from your NACHA information session (save the original for yourself in case you apply to other Co-ops)

*****Remember: you are moving into a co-op, everyone who lives here are volunteers. 

*****Remember: Co-op members own shares of the Co-op and you will need to pay for those shares. The cost as of 2015 is $1,000.

*****Remember: if you move out, you must give 60 days notice.

Once a completed application is received:

  • Artspace will be completing credit check and landlord check.

  • You will be called to have an interview here at the Co-op.

  • Your application, credit check, landlord check and the report on the interview will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval

  • You will receive a letter indicating the Board of Director's decision.

  • If approved, you will be assigned a unit (if available) and have a move-in date arranged.

  • If we have no vacancies, you will be notified about the wait list process.

  • If you require home care services, you must call home care intake and arrange for an assessment and approval from Alberta Health. You may have a quick meet and greet with the SAIL manager shortly before or after your interview.