Artspace Housing Cooperative

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The Board of Directors and all the committees have the Artspace Bylaws and Policies to guide them in managing the Co-op: 

  • To ensure affordable, quality housing, 
  • Develop the concept of cooperative ownership and 
  • Develop democratic participation so members have control of all aspects of the complex.

How Boards govern is paramount in Co-op housing. There are a variety of resources and information on governance and housing co-ops at:

Co-operative Housing Federation:

At Artspace there are 9 positions on the Board of Directors: 

  • President, 
  • Vice-President Membership, 
  • Vice-President Maintenance, 
  • Treasurer, 
  • Secretary 
  • and 4 Director positions. 

The Bylaws outline the eligibility for these positions, terms and duties of the roles.

Committees - our on-going committees are Membership, Maintenance and Finance Committees.

  • Membership committee works on the "PEOPLE" aspect of the Co-op. They handle the process of bringing new members in to the Co-op, then help individuals become involved in the running of the Co-op, depending on their experiences, skills and abilities. The Membership Committee focus on items such as: orientations, interviews, the move-in & move out process, marketing as well as putting together social events (The Social committee exists as a sub-committee for planning educational workshops and fun activities!).

  • Maintenance Committee deals with the "THINGS" at Artspace. They ensure the boilers, washers, dryers and water heaters function (all those things we take for granted!). This committee addresses the day-to-day maintenance, cleaning of the building and work toward long-term planning. You do not need specific knowledge of maintenance to be a great help on this committee, just a commitment to learn and help when you can.

  • Finance Committee deals with the "MONEY", the dollars and cents. The budgets, the audit, the day-to-day expenditures the money coming in from housing charges, to money going out to pay for our expenses. If you are a detailed person interested in working with budgets and figures (or want to learn), this is a good committee for you.

There are other ad hoc committees that are set up for a purpose and may only meet for a short period of time, or a certain time of the year (Gardening committee, Newsletter, Building Advisory Committee (BAC) are a few examples).